8. Mai 2020

Food Menu

Customers usually want to check out the food menu before going to a restaurant. Many restaurants use downloadable PDFs for their menu cards. They are not only time-consuming to maintain but also hard to read for customers on their mobile phones. For this reason, we have been working on a more digital and interactive solution that works on all devices. See for yourself: Food Menu

Responsive Food Menu

Our food menu is another reusable component that we can provide to our clients. In the run-up to its implementation, we identified the requirements for both restaurant owners and their customers:

  • Clear and simple representation on desktop PCs and mobile devices
  • Search function
  • Categories
  • Rapid page load
Food Menu on Mobile Phone

We did not only focus on the user experience of the customer but also on an easy to understand and multifunctional orchestration of the food menu:

  • Create and update dishes on your own
  • Customize to match your individual needs (e.g. list ingredients, multiple images, …)
  • Sort and filter dishes (e.g. sort by name, filter by starter)
  • Add, delete, and update categories for dishes (allow multiple categories per dish)
  • Maintain content at home on your computer or on the move on the smartphone
Easy to maintain

With our custom food menu component you are able to create your own individual food menu without any additional help at any time at any place. Your customers will like it!

Are you interested in our food menu or do you need a custom company website? Simply use our contact form to get in touch or send a mail to kontakt@simpel-web.de!

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