14. Juni 2021

Web Shop

You are considering selling your products not only in retail stores but also virtually through an online shop? A good decision! Not only do pandemics like SARS-CoV-2 demonstrate the value of online commerce for your business, but the global trend is also moving more and more towards multi-channel marketing, where customers can purchase their desired products both offline and online.

At Simpel Web, we also recognize the importance of having a robust online shop. For this reason, we have been focusing intensively on this topic in recent weeks, comparing various providers and frameworks. We asked ourselves how we could integrate an online shop into our current tech stack without compromising on quality. Our goal was to be able to use and manage a web shop in such a way that it could be maintained through the classic WordPress login. Additionally, this approach allows for implementing individual shop designs, regardless of the framework used. The design is completely independent of the web shop itself and only retrieves its data (products, shipping costs, availability, etc.). This approach still allows for fast page loading and a flexible, customer-tailored UI.

WordPress WooCommerce – Product Management

We ultimately decided to use WooCommerce, a completely free open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress. By using wp-graphql-woocommerce, we access the stored products at build time. To enable dynamic queries at runtime within the statically generated pages by Gatsby, we use the Apollo Client, which even offers caching. This way, loaded products and search queries come from memory, and unnecessary server requests are prevented.

Custom Galery Desktop

With this setup, we can continue building custom designs for our customers and leverage the benefits of server-side built static HTML pages. The required data and pages are only loaded when needed. This ensures very fast loading times, fewer downloads (especially important for mobile devices), and a higher Lighthouse score.

You can see our finished demo here: Simpel Web Demo Online Shop

Do you want to improve your online presence and consider setting up a web shop? Then feel free to talk to us – we are happy to help. Simply send an email to kontakt@simpel-web.de or contact us directly through our contact form.

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