9. Oktober 2020

Webdevelopment in Nuremberg

The decision to offer websites to regional businesses in the Nuremberg area was easy: our first client, Zimmerei Lochner from Forchheim, came from our circle of acquaintances.

However, even under these circumstances, it was crucial for us to meet our own high standards and deliver impeccable work. This means capturing requirements in a workshop, estimating effort, creating proposals, followed by careful but efficient implementation and incorporating feedback. This is how we work at Simpel Web, and it’s how we earn satisfied customers.

Geschenk der Zimmerei Lochner

We are also convinced that we don’t just serve our clients; we aim to establish long-term collaborations. A digital solution with GDPR-compliant tracking provides valuable insights into user behavior. And we can leverage these experiences to continually improve websites and web applications.

We are confident that through positive experiences with our customers, we will increase our visibility in Upper and Middle Franconia, particularly in our “location” of Erlangen. This allows us to save effort and costs on aggressive marketing campaigns and guarantee very fair prices.

Of course, we are not only prepared for regional inquiries. So, to all those who are not from Nuremberg, Erlangen, or Forchheim, we are also eager to hear from you – whether you need a concise landing page or an interactive web application. Just reach out to us via the contact form or at kontakt@simpel-web.de.

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